Every truck tire contains 22 gallons of oil. Those twenty-two gallons do not include the energy used in extraction, production, and shipping; meaning tires represent a significant carbon footprint. While tires are extremely durable and versatile they are primarily dumped in landfills, contributing to a growing waste problem, 300 million tires end up in landfills in the US every year.

Rco² helps our customers manage their waste needs while pioneering the best methods for reuse and up-cycling, if you are a tire shop, fleet maintenance yard, or other business in need of waste truck tire disposal please contact us to schedule service. We firmly believe that all of our consumer products need to be reduced, reused, and then recycled. Tire reuse and retreading is always the most carbon efficient option. We serve the largest tire market in the world, Southern California, with truck tire disposal and a quality resale selection. We offer wholesale only and we invite global buyers, local tire shops, and retreaders to explore our post-consumer truck tire selection.

When reuse is no longer viable, scrap and waste tires can be cut and molded into new products like marine & loading dock bumpers this model of up-cycling tires in their original form has a significantly lower carbon footprint than rubber crumb operations. Whole scrap tires can also be used for various engineering projects ranging from creative home design like earthships, to major civil engineering projects like the use of baled tires as subgrade for road construction.



As your partner Rco² can assure you and your customers that you have made the most responsible choice in waste tire disposal. More than just a tire hauler, our mission is to find the means and methods to handle waste responsibly and sustainably.

Contact us now for pricing and scheduling information, or to discuss the ways we are constantly in research and development on new solutions for managing tire waste. We provide an easy and accountable collection service in compliance in California regulation as well as easy invoicing and manifest submission.

In addition, we are happy to discuss the ways our service and reputation can add to your company’s value proposition. Please contact us for more information on how Rco² can provide environmental research and analysis for your annual reports and investor relations.

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